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Locations de vacances à Takayama

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IORI TAKAYAMA is a newly opened hotel using a traditional Hida/Japanese style house. It has a very good location, close to all main attractions in Takayama and Takayama station... lire la suite
€35 Let's stay"SENTO"! Essence of Japanese culture
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Charter froor, shared dining kitchen, washing machine, ONSEN bath. dining room 10m^2, bed room 7.4m^2. 2 burner gus stove, microwave oven, you can enjoy dinner at the room. Plea... lire la suite
€105 すいれん(Water lily)
128 commentaires

It's the best place to go any sight seeing spots in Takayama. It’s the widely & interesting house there is a Japanese bar counter. I prepare Japanese traditional Tatami rooms a... lire la suite
€158 Traditional style, Spa & Nice view!
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Traditional architecture, Spa &Nice view! It has wooden frameworks, Tatami Floor, mad wall. bedclothes is Futon. private toilet You can use traditional bathhouse "SENTO" from 14... lire la suite
€34 Ant Hut
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Guest House Ant Hut is located in the friendly Shirakawago village. It is a lovely 25-minute-walk from the bus terminal at the Shirakawa-go World Heritage Village. *Free priva... lire la suite
€92 Kagura&Murasaki 1 神楽Japanese style Room1
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The kagura opened in June, 2015. (神楽は、2015年6月にオ一プンしました。) All rooms become the private room. (全てのお部屋がプライベートルームとなっております。) The number of rooms has four rooms. 1. 2 . 3 . 4 お部屋の数... lire la suite

Les locations de vacances préférées à Takayama

€115 The old Japanese traditional house room1
73 commentaires

Guesthouse iori was opened by two life long friends in AUG 2014 by renovating 80 year old Traditional Japanese house, which allows our guests to feel real country side life & cu... lire la suite
€18 8 min station.Traditional Home Stay very low cost!
54 commentaires

Location perfect. and Free Wi-Fi. 8 min to walk Takayama station. Room rates include two public bath ticket(420 yen)(Closed Friday) and breakfast(cereal with soy milk) . Two bed... lire la suite
€70 てっせん(Clematis)
64 commentaires

Here is a very convenient location in Takayama. And you can use the 2 bicycles. (Of course, free!) You can go to tourist spots by bicycle. It’s 11 min walk from Takayama Station... lire la suite
€139 Takayama Rural House
68 commentaires

March 2016 Newly Opened! Enjoy your Takayama trip living like a local! 15 min walk from JR Takayama station and the Nouhi Bus Terminal. Discover the beautifully preserved rural ... lire la suite
€105 IORI SETOGAWA 【New Open】
52 commentaires

Newly opened hotel in Hida Furukawa, a city next to Takayama. Located at the center of Seto River, guests can enjoy very quiet, peaceful time with good atmosphere in a tradition... lire la suite
€105 Historical garden in the window,quiet and new!
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This room is newly renovated this spring. It is a quiet area where there are many temples. There is the starting point of the promenade, such as HIGASHIYAMA temples. Historic Pa... lire la suite

Plus de locations de vacances à Takayama

€53 Standard Japanese-style Rm2 near Takayama Station
42 commentaires

Japanese style tatami room for max 2 guests. If you are 3 or 4 guests, book both Room-2 and Room-3. If you are more than 5 guests, book the Family Room. Breakfast served by 800y... lire la suite
€62 Standard Japanese-style Rm1 near Takayama Station
40 commentaires

This is Japanese style tatami room for max 3 guests. Air-conditioner installed. Toilet, bathroom, kitchen and living room are shared. Breakfast available by additional 800 yen p... lire la suite
€48 Standard Japanese-style Rm3, near Takayama Station
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Japanese style tatami room for max 2 guests. Breakfast served by 800yen per person with the booking 1 day before. If you are 3 or 4 guests, please book both Room2 and Room3. Bat... lire la suite
€35 世界遺産白川郷 平瀬温泉の小坂旅館だった建物を利用したゲストハウスです
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宿の裏には荘川が流れ、のんびりした佇まいは、田舎のばあちゃん家や仲間の実家に遊びに来たような雰囲気です。自然いっぱいの白川郷の中にたろえもはあります。 ハンモックとゆりかごがあります。 全て使っていただいてOKです。 いつでも。 美しい自然がいっぱい! 満点の星は圧巻です。 ゲストハウスの近くに、公共バスの停まるバス停もありますが、せせらぎ駐... lire la suite
€220 Takayma【ANCHOR SITE】
126 commentaires

ANCHOR SITE is a boutique hotel located near Takayama Station and within a short stroll to the main attractions of Takayama city. Enjoy exploring the old city and morning market... lire la suite

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