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Gordes : parcs et nature

“This is a beautiful and easy hike to get up close to the amazing ochre cliffs. Good for the whole family.”
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“Along with Gordes, Roussillon is the most popular destination for visitors in the Luberon area of Provence. Set at the top of a cliff on the world’s largest ochre vein, it offers an awe inspiring example of the beauty of this rust-coloured rock, which is perfectly complemented by mountain vegetation and charming 17th– and 18th–century dwellings. The rugged panoramas have attracted a succession of artists over the years, meaning that the town now has an impressive art scene for its size and a number of galleries. Tourists can also explore ochre through a variety of activities, such as cycling tours along the cliff and pigment-making workshops. ”
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“C'est un lieux d'extraction des ocres avec de très longues galeries. C'est aussi un lieu de concert l'été.”
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