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“This place serves some of the best coffee in Calgary! Do not hesitate to start your day off or get a boost mid day here!”
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Ice Cream Shop
“Village Ice Cream is my only favourite ice-cream in Canada. Trust me. You will love it. Especially salted caramel. ”
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“ Home to world-class show jumping competitions and affordable fun for families. This is a multi-purpose sports facility.”
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Restaurant italien
“Grocery shopping is a pleasure here. A nice mix of Italian and locally sourced foods. Look for the Valbella bacon from Canmore. If you're to lazy, tired, hungry to cook, the premade pastas are perfect to take home, and heat in the oven. The freshly baked breads and ciabatta are a must. ”
  • Recommandé par 31 habitants
Ice Cream Shop
“"Definitely worth the wait in line, do not let the flock of people outside deter you! So many creative flavors and great staff! Awesome mix of dairy and non dairy items, there is something for everyone! Will definitely be back!"”
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Clothing Store
“This is where you’ll find Calgary’s best restaurants and coffee shops on one street… There’s some great shopping as well. Definitely take a stroll!”
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Grocery or Supermarket
“Great stop for fresh local produce and local crafts. AND some great restaurants. Open Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday's.”
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“Safeway is another great option nearby if you're looking for a larger chain grocery store. A bit further than Co-op but a great option!”
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Centres commerciaux

Centre commercial
“Fantastic downtown mall in the core of Calgary. There is something for everyone. High end stores, awesome food court and a beautiful garden green space on the top floor. This is a great location. It’s bright, airy and open with lots of skylights. It’s clean and well lit. There is lots of space and you can get around easily. We have visited Calgary many times and always make an effort to get to this mall. ”
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Centre commercial
“Largest shopping mall in the Calgary area. Located about 1o north of Calgary. it boost a great shopping experience for all. The mall has a lot of great stores, a huge food court, lets of restaurants and a large cinema”
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Centre commercial
“Great large shopping mall, enjoy Calgary's low tax rate and Canada's low Canadian dollar. ”
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Centre commercial
“Want an indoor mall that that is still relatively close with lots of variety? This is an alternative to the massive indoor Chinook Mall.”
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Centre commercial
“Largest shopping mall in Calgary with a store for everyone! Includes Hudson's Bay, Saks on Fifth Ave, Sephora, Nordstrom, Zara, Canada Goose, Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, LUSH, Rocky Mountain Soap Co., and many more!”
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Centre commercial
“South Centre hosts a lot of family friendly events. They have some different stores from Chinook, but do not host a movie theatre.”
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Centre commercial
“all major brand shops with good selection of local and foreign items with budgets friendly plus food courts”
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“Fun, eclectic market, with amazing restaurants and sightseeing spots all around.”
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