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Canada : parcs et nature

“It’s a very beautiful park, we love to go there whenever we have time. Views are changing by seasons. My favourite views season is maple fall, the park cover by maple leaf.”
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Monument / Point de repère
“We recommend going to the revolving restaurant for lunch to take in the views over Toronto while you eat.”
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Monument / Point de repère
“If you're coming to Toronto, you have to see the one of the 7 Wonder of the World. Standing at 553.5m tall, the CN Tower is a breathtaking place to visit. ”
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“You can stop at the bar/restaurant called l'Espace Lafontaine in the middle of the park.”
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“Toronto's largest park. It's a great place to go for a walk, bring a dog, or relax in nature! ”
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Monument / Point de repère
“Since its construction for the 1962 World’s Fair, the Space Needle has become both an internationally recognized icon and Seattle’s most popular attraction. Distance - 3.8 miles”
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“At 5,200 acres, this is the largest park within any U.S. city. It gets very popular in summer, especially on week- ends, so if you want to check it out be prepared to embrace the crowds. See Witch's Castle under Hikes. ”
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National Park
“We often drive over for a day trip to Yellowstone and love going thru Gardiner.”
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“The city center of Boston lies here! From here you can access Downtown & Back Bay easily.”
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“Kerry Park at sunset- not far from the Townhouse and amazing views of the city. ”
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“Amazing view of Vancouver from the top of the mountain on a clear day. Lots of fun activities to do up there too!”
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“You can see Mt Rainier from our front deck. Take a day to visit this beautiful place. You can drive or take an all day tour of this majestic beauty.”
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“185 acres of native & exotic flora, with 10 themed greenhouses & a Chinese lantern garden.”
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“Big garden to walk around and has a nice view of the city. This is also where the Blodel Conservatory is which house different species or birds, plants and butterflies ”
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“Reputed to be the most authentic and stunning Japanese Garden outside of Japan, this is a must see for anyone who loves beauty, serenity, Nature or gardens. It is truly gorgeous in all four seasons!”
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National Park
“The beauty of Glacier National Park is a sight to behold for anyone who loves the outdoors. Glacier Fed clear water, lakes and streams, breathtaking vistas, abundant wildlife.”
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