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Les meilleures recommandations des habitants

Des sites touristiques aux trésors cachés, découvrez ce qui fait la particularité de cette ville avec l'aide des habitants qui la connaissent le mieux.

“This square is the centre of the former commune of Montmartre and already existed in the 14th century. It is on these sites that the patibular forks of the Abbesses of Montmartre stood. The commune of Montmartre was created in 1790, the National Assembly having decreed that a municipality would be created in each town, village or parish. At No. 3 Place du Tertre, what was once the first town hall of the town is now located: Félix Desportes was the first mayor. It was a bourgeois from Rouen who settled in Place du Tertre in 1788. He transformed his residence into a town hall and firmly established this municipality until April 1793. A zealous patriot, he gave the first names of Flore Pierrette Montmartre to his daughter born in May 1791. A little further on at N°6 Le restaurant de la Mère Catherine was founded in 1793, during the French revolution. In this place steeped in history, Danton came to relax with his disciples and left engraved on the walls: "Let us drink and eat because tomorrow we will die. » It is also said that in 1814, the Cossacks passing through Montmartre during the Russian occupation of Paris (1814-1818) after the defeat of Napoleon I, not having the authorization of their officers, came to have a drink there by shouting "Bistro, Bistro..." or "Quick, fast" in Russian, thus bringing forth on the Hill the ancestor of our Parisian bistros. Later on, the Place du Tertre saw the departure of the French automotive industry. On December 24, 1898, Louis Renault climbed the Butte with one of his vehicles to prove their effectiveness on the hills. A plaque celebrating this event is visible at the northwest corner of the square, it reads: "For the first time on December 25, 1898, a petrol car, driven by Louis Renault, its manufacturer, reached the Place du Tertre, thus marking the start of the French automobile industry".”
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History Museum
“A charming museum that traces the history of the districtand of the history of the legendary Montmartre artistic bohemian.”
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“Looking for a piece of original art or a custom portrait? Come to Place du Tertre where sidewalk artists ply their trade 7 days a week. ”
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Musée d'art
“Welcome to Espace Dalí, close to the Place du Tertre, in the artistic district of Montmartre. The permanent exhibition offers the largest collection in France of sculptures, engravings and lithographs created by Salvador Dalí, the master of Surrealism. Here we can discover an artist who wished to capture the great themes as he saw them in such works as The Persistence of Memory, but also the Venus Spatiale, an embodiment of beauty, Dali-style. Here we can also enjoy the designer who applied his unique visionary conceptions to everyday objects, as demonstrated by his Boca Canapé, the famous Mae West Lips Sofa.”
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“Bar/café - cheapest place to have a drink in the neighborhoods. Good vibes // Bar le moins cher du quartier, ambiance plaisante. ”
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“This is a small typical french bar with an excellente atmosphere (my favorite in the . Can be packed in the summer. If it is packed, walk up the stairs to the next street to "Au rendez-vous des amis".”
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Boutique de souvenirs
“My favorite place in Paris! It shows the Paris from old times, very romantic and artistic. 15 min walk from the appartment.”
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“The oldest church in Paris is the last remnant of the Royal Abbey, founded by Louis VI in 1133.”
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Restaurant français
“Located on a charming little place, one of the rare restaurant that are not a tourist trap in Montmartre”
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“At sacre coeur you can see a beautiful view of paris, buy souveniers, go to a restaurant or a cafe”
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Point of Interest
“Place typique du quartier montmartre ou se trouvent plusieurs artistes locaux ”
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Street Address
“Special village-like feel, but very busy. Take the lift to get out of the metro station, otherwise, you'll climb a HUGE stretch of winding stairs. Don't miss le mur des je t'aime, square Jehan Rictus.”
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“Rendez vous chez Plumeau pour profiter de leur terrasse à l’abris de la foule et vous accorder une pause avant de vous rendre au pied du sacre cœur pour admirer la vue sur le toit Paris. Rejoignez ensuite la Bascule rue Durantin pour manger un cheesecake où des tapas. Vous pourrez ensuite passer par l’épicerie Collignon célèbre grâce à Amélie Poulain. Vous pouvez ensuite aller prendre un apéritif rue des 3 frères”
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“Excellent food, raclette, fondue, cheap menu before 10pm. Love the ancient ambiance of a rural life.”
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Street Address
“One of several museums dedicated to the Surrealist master, the collection in this black-walled exhibition space includes about 300 works, mostly etchings and lithographs.”
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