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Kisarazu : locations saisonnières

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Kisarazu : locations de vacances les mieux notées

Les voyageurs sont unanimes : ces logements sont très bien notés en termes d'emplacement, de propreté et plus encore.

【HOKULANI by the sea】 ラグジュアリーなプール付/BBQ/屋上ジャグジー/AC5
Logement entier : villa · 10 voyageurs · 6 lits · 2,5 salles de bain

【HOKULANI by the sea】 ラグジュアリーなプール付/BBQ/屋上ジャグジー/AC5【2021年9月NEW OPEN! 貸別荘 HOKULANI by the sea】 まるでハワイの貸別荘。飛行機に乗らずとも、東京都内から車で1時間半〜2時間くらいで行けてしまいます。 なんといっても、一押しは目の前に広がる絶景とプール。最高です。 ​プールには階段が着いており、お子様も安心。プールサイドではキャンプファイヤーやBBQを楽しむことができます。 リビング天井にBluetoothスピーカー付き。大画面テレビもございます。電動で倒れるリクライニングシート、倒れた時に見える吹き抜け窓が、お気に入りポイントです。 広々としたアイランドキッチン。ジュースサーバーやスキレット鍋などの様々なオシャレアイテムをご用意。 そしてアメニティーの充実度。女の子には特に嬉しい、シャンプーリンス、ボディーソープは高級Aloma ess. シリーズ。さらにヘアアイロンも用意されています。 屋上にはジャグジーがあり、夜には満点の星を眺めることができます。

Onjukuオーシャンビュー最上階部屋 月の砂漠海岸2分 ワーケーションに最適!1日1組 消毒清掃
Logement entier : appartement en résidence · 5 voyageurs · 1 lit · 1 salle de bain

Onjukuオーシャンビュー最上階部屋 月の砂漠海岸2分 ワーケーションに最適!1日1組 消毒清掃Ce condominium peut être utilisé par 2 personnes. En raison d'une chambre dans le complexe hôtelier en copropriété, le taux d'occupation total est inférieur à 20% et il n'y a presque aucun lien humain. C'est une chambre où 5 personnes peuvent se détendre. L'extérieur de l'immeuble est vieux et les parties communes de l'immeuble sont vieilles.La chambre a été rénovée l'année dernière. Nous offrons des chambres spectaculaires avec vue sur l'océan.Depuis le balcon donnant sur la mer, vous pourrez sentir la brise marine. Il est divisé en une chambre d'angle de 12 étages avec 12 étages, une chambre occidentale avec 6 tapis de tatami, une chambre de style japonais avec 6 tapis de tatami et un salon avec 15 tapis de tatami.La chambre ouest dispose d'un lit Queen. Il y a aussi des draps, serviettes, vaisselle, cafetières, micro-ondes, bouilloires électriques, plaques chauffantes et cuisinières à riz pour tout le monde. Il y a également un lecteur DVD Blu-ray. Parking gratuit à l'arrière du bâtiment.(Emplacement de stationnement à contrat 3) Source chaude ️ Introduction Il y a une installation de source chaude appelée Ojuku Qua House au premier étage de l'immeuble voisin. Gensen Onsen, Moromi-no-Yu (un ingrédient des algues) et lissage de la peau après le bain. Cependant, les installations sont anciennes, et si vous êtes intéressé, nous vous recommandons le Goriyaku-no-Yu, qui est situé dans la vallée du Goriyaku-no-Yu, à 30-40 minutes en voiture. ⭐️ Katsuura a également une villa à louer. Si vous voulez, jetez un œil à l'annonce de Sakura.

Rustic resort isum club house
Logement entier : bungalow · 12 voyageurs · 12 lits · Demi-salle de bain

Rustic resort isum club housealoha! dear guest Im nori obata. ouner of rustic resort isumi. All house in here is what has been self build by me. wild and island style cabin, toilet & shower are located on outside of room. In the airy living room leading out and with fellow Doo, and BBQ Would you like? ( BBQ Grill for rent free of charge.) Tableware, cooking utensils , rice cooker,  refrigerator, microwave oven etc. you can enjoy island day! mahalo.

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Kisarazu : d'autres superbes locations saisonnières

  1. Logement entier : appartement en résidence
  2. Onjuku, Isumi District
Onjukuコンドミニアム 月の砂漠海岸に歩いて2分 ワーケーションに最適!1日1組 消毒清掃
  1. Logement entier : villa
  2. Onjuku, Isumi District
  1. Hutte
  2. Isumi-shi
For Relaxation Time in Japanese Classical Villa
  1. Logement entier : villa
  2. Katsuura-shi
Entire private villa KATSUURA
  1. Logement entier : cottage
  2. Katsuura-shi
La Piccola Villa ~nella foresta~
  1. Logement entier : villa
  2. Isumi
  1. Logement entier : logement résidentiel
  2. Futtsu
  1. Logement entier : villa
  2. 南房総市
A villa with a spectacular view.
  1. Logement entier : logement résidentiel
  2. Zushi-shi
【Kamakura・Zushi】140㎡ // Private Ocean View House
  1. Logement entier : logement résidentiel
  2. Kimitsu
  1. Logement entier : logement résidentiel
  2. Isumi
Ship Rock Point〜Ocean Front House & Garden(国定公園内)
  1. Logement entier : logement résidentiel
  2. Ichinomiya, Chōsei-gun
5名迄OK!九十九里・東浪見海岸まで徒歩3分 BBQ設備あり east village torami

Kisarazu : les activités les mieux notées

Des activités uniques animées par des experts locaux et reconnues pour leur qualité

  • Séance photo créative à Tokyo
    Our Instagram is @tokyomomento, our website is please feel free to check out our profiles. We will curate different itineraries to meet the individuals needs as best we can. However, if you want complete freedom and choice to pick any location, feel free to inquire and message us for special rates and offers. We also offer- - Proposal - Engagement - Wedding - Teamlab - Kimono Rentals From hidden alleyways to urban scenic backdrops, we will capture a variety of candid to posed shots. Feeling nervous or awkward in front of the camera? No worries! No prior modeling skills required, we can assist with our professional experience to get your best angles. We also don’t do large groups (unless requested) so you can feel rest assured that it’ll be a more one on one experience. As we have two photographers, we can give you each of our undivided attention as well as offer you the best of both scenic and portraiture shots, which we are each equipped with lens for those purposes. We specialize quality over quantity, as we allow you to choose from our preferred selection (photographer’s choice). All photos will be high resolution and ready for print or to post for social media. Be ready to dazzle your friends and family back home with jaw dropping phot Other things to note Please wear comfortable shoes and dress for the weather as we do not cancel for weather. For proposal, engagement/honeymoon and wedding shoots, we strongly recommend to book a "Private Shoot" so we can give our full attention during the session.
    À partir de Prix :94€/personne
  • Visite Tsukiji Asakusa S.S
    We'll start at the new Toyosu—the world's largest fish market. We'll then go to the outer area known as the Tsukiji old market and Tsukiji Uogashi, a new building with fish-selling areas, including a background area that is off-limits to ordinary tourists. We'll drop in for fish while experiencing the authentic and dynamic atmosphere of a wholesale market. After taking some shopping time at the outer area, we'll purchase a variety of fish and head to Asakusa. We'll visit the popular Buddhist Sensō-ji temple before we go to my shop to prepare Kaisekistyle lunch--Traditional Japanese Cuisine--, Kaisen Donburi—sashimi rice bowls—with fresh seafood and more. After our meal, we'll have some surprise treats. Please note that the markets are lively and changing each day. Please arrive on time and be aware that the experience can run over time. Other things to note Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes. The new market is so huge it will seem like we are viewing a factory. We'll go to the Tsukiji old market after that and enjoy comparing the two marketplaces.
    À partir de Prix :139€/personne
  • La scène automobile de Tokyo
    Visit and interact with the hidden hangout spots of local motorists, including but not limited to: Daikoku PA, Tatsumi PA, and Umihotaru. While these so-called underground spots have been more exposed in recent years thanks to social media & car-related web sources, it often doesn't come natural for Japanese people, who tend to be shy, to openly interact with visitors from abroad. We will go immerse ourselves in the community by taking a tour of active spots and engage with the locals. Which car I take guests on varies on group size and car availability, since I share some with the family. If the slot fills up it will automatically be the Golf, but otherwise I may take the GT-R if the group size is smaller. If you you want to lock down the vehicle of choice, please book a private slot and let me know beforehand. Other things to note - Cancellation may occur in case of poor weather. - Please take note of the finish time. I can't drive you back to your hotel even if you don't have a last train, as it will be an illegal taxi. - It's very hard to predict how many / what kind of cars will show up. These are casual meets.
    À partir de Prix :117€/personne
  • La gastronomie et la culture exceptionnelles du Japon
    1. At 10:30 am, gather at the Central Exit of JR Omori Station. Look for someone who has a bag with the logo "homecoming TAKA". 8 minutes walk to my home. Along the way, pass by the side of the shrine and walk in the quiet residential area. 2. Once you arrive at my home, I will explain today's program. Origami → Handmade Udon → Japanese food cooking (sushi, dumplings etc) → Matcha → Calligraphy 3. First, Origami. Fold the paper crane. 4. Handmade Udon then. Enjoy the process from the raw material to completion. Everybody steps on the material. 5. Cook Sushi and Tempra together for lunch as the experience of Japanese cuisine, it will be the main of today. In addition, my wife takes on some Japanese small dishes. 6. Enjoy conversation and lunch slowly. All materials are from Japan. Drink too. Beer, sake, shochu and soft drinks are free. Everyone drinks, eats and drinks! 7. After meals, make matcha together. Taste Matcha with local Japanese sweets. 8. Finally, Keiko will write the visitor's name in calligraphy on colored paper and bring it back as a souvenir. You will challenge the calligraphy, too. 9. It is a lonely time zone. We couples are teary. We look forward to seeing you again at JR Omori Station for the next reunion. Other things to note Please let me know about things you can't eat and things with allergies. Since it is an activity on the 2nd floor without an elevator, we are sorry but wheelchairs are not available.
    À partir de Prix :69€/personne
  • L'art des mochis japonais
    お餅の作り方をお伝えしながら、お餅を使ったレシピを2品作ります。誰でも簡単に楽しく、和菓子づくりを楽しめます。 まずはホストの自己紹介と教室のご紹介、そしてお餅とはどういうものか、日本の行事との関わり合いを例にご説明いたします。 次に- 三色団子(お団子に色をつけます)を作ります。こちらのお餅は茹でて作ります。 そのあとは電子レンジを使って二種類のお餅デザートをつくります。 いちご大福(いちご以外のフルーツでもOKです)と お雪見大福(アイスクリームはお好みのものをご用意ください)です。 お餅は食べても美味しい、こねて作る工程も楽しいので、この体験を通して和菓子への興味が広がってくれると嬉しいです! 一緒に会話を楽しみながら美味しい和菓子をつくりましょう。 こちらの体験はお誕生会や大人数のグループレッスンや会社・団体のチームビルディングなどに最適です。カレンダーにない日にちのリクエストもお受けしています。 バレンタインに作ってプレゼントするのもいいですね! 予約が完了しましたら、体験で使用する材料と道具のリストをお送りします。参加前までにご準備をお願いします。 この体験は対面でもお楽しみいただけます。 「見た目も華やかな和菓子教室」 その他の留意事項 電子レンジを使って調理をします。 電子レンジをお持ちでない場合は蒸し器を使いますので事前にご連絡ください。(蒸し器を使う場合は20分プラスで時間がかかりますのでご留意ください) あんこが手に入らない場合は、ご自身でも作れるレシピを送るので、参加前にご準備をお願いします。あんこの代わりになるものでも構いません。
    À partir de Prix :24€/personne

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